Total Man International Network Inc.


Academic Scholarships


The goal of TMINI is to help children of Third World countries to complete grade school, attend college, and graduate with an advanced degree. We believe education is a key ingredient in assisting a person in his/her exit from poverty. We provide academic scholarships that pay for the tuition, books, and uniforms of students that meet our established standard.

Student Nutrition

TMINI understands the importance of student nutrition. A safe and secure classroom based on best instructional practices is the ingredient to a student receiving a quality education. However, if a student comes to school hungry, he/she will have a very difficult time concentrating. Therefore, we support student-feeding programs to ensure that the students we support attend school full and ready to learn.

Student Uniforms

TMINI provides uniforms, books, shoes and other necessary school supplies for the students it supports. Research shows that students behave differently when they are required to dress respectfully at school. We want our students graduating from grammar school adequately prepared for college.

Teacher Training

TMINI holds to the belief that a "mind is a terrible thing to waste." Dr. McCurtis' dissertation found that the classroom teacher was the most important factor in ensuring student learning. Much time is placed on efforts to assist the teachers of Third World students to receive the best instructional practices that maximizes student learning.