Total Man International Network Inc.



Children of Haiti

Dr. McCurtis traveled to Haiti to intervene after the great earthquake of 2010. He is with a group of students that TMINI supported in providing food and educational resources as these student are on the road to recovery.

Preschool Children of Nairobi, Kenya

Dr. McCurtis works with Dr. Francis of Nairobi, Kamau in providing an education to preschoolers located in Nairobi, Kenya . The contributions made to this educational institution help to provide the salaries for the school administration, teachers, and support staff. The children get a start to their future as productive citizens.

Students of Lima, Peru

Dr. McCurtis visits students at a private school in Lima, Peru. TMINI is involved in a collaboration that brings together American schools and Peruvian schools as they provide a superior educational experience. The teachers receive intense instruction in best instructional practices.