Total Man International Network Inc.



In the summer of 1999, Dr. Gabriel E. McCurtis, Ed.D. sensed a call from God to travel to the continent of Africa.  Dr. McCurtis had never been to Africa, and he did not know once he got there what he was expected to do.  Nonetheless, he accepted his call and subsequently learned that some of his associates that were heavily involved in world missions were traveling to Africa. He made arrangements to travel with them. Upon his arrival to Nairobi, Kenya, he immediately met Dr. Francis Kamau, Ph.D., an African born, American educated pastor.  After becoming acquainted, the two of them discussed the real reason behind their serendipitous encounter.  During that encounter, Dr. McCurtis and Dr. Kamau committed to a lifelong friendship and involvement to improving the education and community economic development of the peoples of Kenya.

Therefore, in 2000, Dr. McCurtis founded the Total Man International Network, Inc. (TMINI), a 501c3 nonprofit organization with the goal of enhancing the lives of indigenous peoples of Third World countries through education and community economic development.

TMINI is supported by friends, acquaintances, well- wishers, and colleagues of Dr. McCurtis.  Through these contributions, children of Third World nations, preschool through college, are given the opportunity to improve their futures as they are assisted financially in their educational endeavors.